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Core Barrel Asembly & Tools


The recovery tools is mainly used for salvaging drill rods (stems) and casing tubes, and it is capable of drilling and salvaging things from oil pipes,drill rods, milling tubes, packers, water distributor etc. Besides, it is especially appropriate for salvaging tube subjects with couplings.
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Core Barrel Asembly & Tools
Retrieve the inner tube with an overshot without lifting out the whole rods string to obtain the core, the wireline coring system lifts the underground core sample out of the borehole through the overshot to take back the entire inner tube and conduct sampling analysis. This improves productivity of the work site and guarantees safety of core sample during drilling down.
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Compact Plus Water Swivel
Water Swivel is a very important tool for wireline coring drilling, we need to use it to pump in the water fluid to lubricate the rods, washing out the debris out of the hole and make the fluid cool the bit.
We have 25K Universal Water Swivel and compact plus as the options for our customers.
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