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4 Types of Wireline Core Drilling Casings

Casing is an integral part of the oil drilling and completion process. Typically, casing provides structure and strength to the well bore wall so that it does not collapse on itself. It also ensures that oil or gas does not seep out of the well bore when it is brought to the surface.

Tips to Improve Efficiency of Diamod Drill Bits

Diamond drilling is all about productivity. Drillers and the companies they work for are interested in finding ways to improve productivity. Sometimes a major problem negatively affects drilling productivity and it just needs to be addressed. Sometimes, productivity can be improved by tweaking a bunch of little things. If you tweak a few things, the results can make a big difference.

How Are Casings Used in Oil Exploration and Drilling?

Casing is used to support the walls in oil and gas wells to ensure proper operation throughout the well after the drilling process is completed. Each well is cased with multiple layers of casing depending on the drilling depth and geology.

How Can I Buy Excellent Core Drilling Rods

Core drilling rods have many advantages, such as controlling hole deflection, improving drilling efficiency, reducing project cost, increasing coring rate and reducing in-hole accidents. There are so many brands of drill pipes in the market that you need to do your homework and choose the right one. For this reason, we introduce to you the following guidelines for the purchase of core drilling rods.

Approaches and Processes of Core Boring

Sometimes it's excellent to get back to basics and also assess the foundations of what we do. In this blog, I'll review some of the basics of core drilling, consisting of approaches and procedures. Hope this will help you havt a deep comprehension. AUPROSPECT shows you.

Basic Knowledge You Need to Know about Reaming Shells

As one of the leading manufacturers of diamond geological tools in China, AUPROSPECT has excellent product design, internationally advanced pressure-free sintering process, fully imported raw materials, precision processing equipment, senior experts in the field of powder metallurgy and strict quality control. I would like to introduce you to reaming shells.

A Fast Overview of Using and Understanding Diamond Drill Bits

While drills are a staple in a specialist's toolbox, there is additionally an excellent option of drill bits. One drill that doesn't turn up in the toolbox as often as others is the diamond drill. If you are reading this article, then you will likely require to use a diamond drill bit soon or are considering one. Here is a fast guide to diamond bits.

Diamond Bits VS Carbide Bits

Today, there seems to be a wide variety of tools and bits available for any application, so it can be difficult to decide which option is best to use. For example, I'm sure you know about carbide coring bits and diamond  bits, but which coring bit is best and what tools are available for each type of coring bit?

How to Use and Maintain the Drill Bit Properly

In fact, most of the world's supply of natural diamonds is used for industrial purposes and only about a quarter of them are used to make fine jewelry. Diamond's chemical composition makes it the hardest material known to man, and it is this invincible property that makes it so sought after for use in industrial drills and cutting saws.

Safety, quality and 5S training-APR On The Way

In order to enhance the quality awareness of all staff, strengthen the quality culture construction of APR, give full play to the initiative of each department in the quality management work, and improve the overall quality level of the company
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